Countdown to the ” Win a Trip to Maldives Draw” !

No kidding, tonight will be the day where the draw is done! You are invited to witness the draw. Here are the details:

Location: Mandarin Gallery #03-25 KOOSHI outlet

Time: 7:30pm

We will be contacting the drawn winner on the cell phone to confirm the telephone number and then proceed to mail out the letter to them after confirming the details. Mandarin Gallery Mall will then contact the winners on the collection of their prize!

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Snapshot of Maldives!

Set in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is famous for her deep blue waters, white beaches, corals, sunsets and cocktails. A great holiday place for honeymooners and or a tranquil retreat from the corporate bustle.

Apart from the beaches, the culture is also very interesting. Maldivians are diverse in appearance as they are mixed genes from Asia, South East Asia, Africans and Arabians. Mostly embracing Islamic beliefs, they have not totally shed off the tribal  beliefs in folklores and superstition. Warm personalities and a great host to all visitors, they are surely there to make you feel at home.

Reminder: 31st May – KOOSHI Maldives lucky draw in Mandarin Gallery at 7.30pm. Do come down to witness the draw itself. If you want to increase your chances, we have some hot bikini deals in the shop.  Happy GSS shopping!

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