Announcement: For Member’s Only…

Starting from Jan 2010, we have moved our SALE items to be exclusively available on our website only. Since we have limited space in our cosy shops, we will place our NEW ARRIVALS and our full size items in our shops for your shopping pleasure. You can still buy the SALE items from our web store and our on going policy for exchanges will still apply at no additional cost. However, do remember that these items are on SALE because they are no longer of complete sizes and thus you might not be able to get the sizes you want. 

Going forward, we will also be taking care of our core members better than before and thus they will be the first to be offered our SALE range! So, sometimes, we do a “closed door” SALE event at our premise so that they can be the first to view and buy our offer items. Subsequently, to shop, they must also be our member. Occasionally, we even offer GREAT deals from our SALE range. Great deals to us means cash savings!! So, the first step to do is to sign up as our member, stay subscribed to our news and you will not be disappointed of the events lined up for you. If you have not been logging on or have forgotten your password? Its a good time to update your details so that we can keep you in the loop. For verifications, we will be using your IC no or passport as your unique ID. In this manner, you do not have to remember too many numbers nor carry a card when you pop into our shops. We respect your privacy and thus be assured that your details stay safe with us. 

So, stay in touch with KOOSHI!


About kooshi

Modern day living, so much to do with so little time. We advocate doing our daily activities in comfort, including what we wear. We develop comfortable lounge, sleep, swim and exercise wear for urban dwellers. Pampering starts from yourself, indulge!
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