Asian Sleepwear Culture

Since young, we have been reading story books about sleep culture of western world. To prepare for bed time, the characters in the books will change into pajamas after bathe and get ready for bedtime. This act of changing into another attire is to set the right mood to sleep. It seems trivial but it is essential that we wear the the most comfortable sleepwear so that we can rest properly and visit our dreamland in comfort.

As Asia progressed, we all start to pay attention to non essentials, like appreciation of inner wear and now sleepwear. In those days, these items are just functional, to support, to hide or to enhance. Now, besides these, we also want to flaunt and or to accentuate your personality.  In the papers recently, there was an article citing the Chinese walking into the streets in their pajamas just to show off their sleep attire and to make a point that they have “arrived”. One may asked why is that walking around in pajamas can make a statement? Coupled with the financial ability to afford sleep attire, being aware that this is a lifestyle that they can adopt is a sign of their progress. Most people will think that this is strange or absurd to walk out of  our bedroom in our sleepwear, and here they are on the streets? To each its own, we do not need to understand everything that other people or culture do. It is just a matter of acceptance… and by doing so, it is progress.

About kooshi

Modern day living, so much to do with so little time. We advocate doing our daily activities in comfort, including what we wear. We develop comfortable lounge, sleep, swim and exercise wear for urban dwellers. Pampering starts from yourself, indulge!
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  1. Thanks, I tryed to find anything about Asian Sleepware, but I got nothing, just your article. Thanks for the article.

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