Announcement: We have moved!

We have moved out from the River Valley Art Deco house. For those customers who have visited our office you will know that it is really a lovely cosy place that we adore very much.  

Being zoned under conservation, the facade of the bungalow is plain but has a character of its own.  The panel sliding doors are old fashioned and distinct. Tinted windows with retro rod iron grills makes the place really charming.

We will miss the convenience of  the location. A less than 5 minutes walk down to the amenities and the proximity to Somerset MRT station.  Stress free hailing of taxis just a few steps away from the house and the parking right at our door step. All these will be missed! 

Our new office will be in Sin Ming Lane and we will be moving there in oct/Nov this year. So, meanwhile, we are parked at Mandarin Gallery. Do visit us there if you need our services. Our contact numbers and email remains unchanged. Tel: 67321303 and

About kooshi

Modern day living, so much to do with so little time. We advocate doing our daily activities in comfort, including what we wear. We develop comfortable lounge, sleep, swim and exercise wear for urban dwellers. Pampering starts from yourself, indulge!
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