FREE Dining voucher from Kooshi!

Once again Valentine’s Day is being outshined by the Chinese New Year celebration. Don’t forget to spend some romantic time with your loved ones while you are busy ushering the bunnies!

Kooshi is giving away $50 dining voucher with $88 shopping. The voucher has no minimum order required and is valid in Feb. You can even combine 2 $50 in one bill! So, if you have not planned anything for your Valentine, why not make a trip to Mandarin Gallery and pick up a gift from Kooshi and have a treat at Lawry’s with compliments from Kooshi!

For more information, call 62357982 ( 11am to 9pm daily) or email us at




About kooshi

Modern day living, so much to do with so little time. We advocate doing our daily activities in comfort, including what we wear. We develop comfortable lounge, sleep, swim and exercise wear for urban dwellers. Pampering starts from yourself, indulge!
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1 Response to FREE Dining voucher from Kooshi!

  1. Kula says:

    This is a great premium ^^

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